Develop Your Own Marketplace App- Become a Market leader like eBay

November 17, 2023

Have you ever asked yourself, ' How is online shopping always your first choice to shop for something?'

Maybe your answer might be that because it is easy to do, there are options to choose brands and product types, and most importantly, it can be done without going to the market, which is time-consuming and tiring. 

Do you know that not just individuals shop through online platforms, but business entities also shop from apps and websites? 

This allows them to choose the best deal for their business and deliver in an estimated time. These are the reasons for the regular increase in the popularity of e-commerce platforms. 

So, if you are a vendor and still do not have a marketplace app for your business, then, sorry to say that you are still following the traditional ways of doing business, which will take time to get success. 

But if you are well aware of this, you must develop your App to succeed. But there is the problem that you need to learn how to create an app. This article will help you and give you deep insight into the step-by-step guide to building a successful online marketplace app like eBay and Amazon.

Ten points To remember while building a marketplace App like eBay.

1.  Features eBay is providing

2.  Analyze the Type of your Business

3.  Mode of Development

4.  Defining Features of the App

5.  Appearance of the App to the users

6.  Server load

7.  Platforms to Download

8.  Category of the App

9.  Use of AI chatbots

10.  Customer support service

Features eBay is providing

If you want to develop an app like eBay, you first need to know the uniqueness of the eBay app features. Features make the App unique, easy to use, and different from the others. Parts of the App ensure customer satisfaction.

EBay has the following features, making it user-friendly. 

  • •  Login- Allow users to log into the App through email or by their phone number.
  • •  Profile/Bio- Every user has a different shape and preferences, and every App must provide a profile section; it becomes helpful in market research and studying customer behavior.
  • •  Dashboard- If you plan to develop a marketplace app with multiple vendors, you must provide a dashboard specifically for every vendor so they can analyze their performance timely.
  • •  Payment Gateways- There are so many options for making payments available, such as Paypal, UPI, and Google Pay, and how can you forget debit and credit cards? So you must decide whether to put all these options or only one. 
  • •  Review- The App should have a review section so that vendors can analyze their product performance by reviewing these reviews.
  • •  Push Notifications- Customers must know the day's deals and new products. Push notifications will be the best fit to pass this information to the users. 
  • •  Search- The App has worldwide traffic with different product choices. Search bars allow users to find what they want in the ocean of options. 
  • •  Share- The share option will benefit the vendors, as the users can directly recommend suitable products to their friends and family by sharing the product link.

Let's move ahead; after knowing the features of eBay, it's time to know the other steps for developing marketplace apps.

Analyze the Type of your Business

To develop your marketplace apps, first, you need to analyze your business type, whether B2B or B2C. In B2B, your App has different features than B2C. In B2B, your App should be developed according to the vendors, taking into account. In B2C, you must work according to the customers of the product. 

Mode of Development

There are two modes of development: first is to hire a professional developer, and second is you can develop it on your own. 

If you are going to hire a professional developer, then it would be costly but effective productivity. 

If you are a coder, you can develop an App independently or already have an in-house development team. 

The development mode is based on three points: your budget, your type of App, and your capabilities.

Defining Features of the App

You are well aware of the features eBay is providing to its users. Now, you need to define the elements of your App to the developer so that the team can process it further and know what exactly you are looking for. So, draw a rough draft about the features of your App.

Appearance of the App to the users

People like seeing things that look good and soothing to the eyes. So, make sure your apps are visually appealing and sophisticated. Its theme, colors, layout, and use of space should be proper and liked by the eyes of the users.

Server load

You must have often heard that the website crashed or the app server is weak, interrupting the smooth user experience. It will negatively affect the brand value of the website or the business enterprise, so you should be informed about the expected traffic on the App so that developers can design the best server for your marketplace app.

Platforms to Download

There are two types of phone users: one is a smartphone user, and the other is an iPhone user. Both have different platforms to download the apps. It is best to decide which platform you will deploy your App to download, whether the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Category of the App

Google and Apple App stores divide apps into different categories according to the ratings and popularity of the apps. Gaming apps are the most popular and downloaded apps on the Google App Store. That is why they show on the top of the store, so to increase the number of downloads, you need to be clear about the category of the App. You can go for either the Native or cross-platform apps. 

Native- These apps are made only for one platform

Cross-platform- These apps are available on both platforms.

Use of AI chatbots

AI chatbots solve users' queries or make searches easy with voice search or search by categories and filters. 

Customer support service

Every App should have a customer support service to ensure user satisfaction and speed up the issue-solving process; this will help to hold the customer; otherwise, the user could shift towards other products and services.

Pathway to Success

First, you need to think big to do something big, and building a marketplace is the first step towards doing that big. To develop a marketplace app, you must work on your business first. Find answers to questions like your business type, what platform suits your App the most, the expected traffic, and how you will develop an app. 

After that, you can start working on your marketplace app. For this, you must define the features that make your App unique and different from the existing apps in the market. This thought will help you to beat your competitors and increase your users. 

Building a marketplace app is not just part of the business model; it is a stairway to success that helps spread your roots to every corner of the world. 


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