Wakefit Review: Ideal Sleeping Patterns Made Easier

September 02, 2023

For years, every working individual has been looking out to get their sleep cycle in check. Having a mattress that helps can never harm. But there are plenty of brands i the market that proclaim to offer perfection, yet only a few make good on that promise.

Wakefit is one such sleeping giant, or to say sleeping solution giant. They have been offering their services to the world for more than 7 years now, and for those that do not understand the brand, this wakefit reveiw will make things clearer for you. 


Wakefit and the Change

During its initial years, the brand focused on reaching the masses by combining mattresses and technology to offer the best possible product. As time passed by, they became a common name in the households via their unique and intrinsic designed furniture, offering decor items that were pleasing in every sense of the word. 


What’s in Store

1. Wakefit’s Furniture

There is no doubt that online furniture portals are all over the place, and it can become seriously confusing when it comes to choosing your furniture from just one portal. But what if we tell you that under Wakefit, you will get all kinds of furniture you need to build your space? Would you believe us? 

Yes, on the Wakefit platform, you’ll get a wide range of furniture. Be it study tables, office chairs, baby cribs, dressing tables, shoe racks, dining tables, or unique sofa sets, one can find everything under the Wakefit roof.

This Wakefit review would not be able to enlist all the furniture available at the Wakefit but certainly, we will highlight some pieces that should be a part of your décor-


◾  Wakefit Barcelona Sofa

Add a touch of panache to your living room with this mid-century vibe yet modern sofa set that comes in colors you would love; categorized under Omega fabric, Malphino fabric and Tahoe fabric series, this sofa set is the perfect piece to fill up some lively vibes in your space. One can get this sofa set as 1 seater, 2 seaters, 3 seaters or also customize as per to your need. The design and making of this sofa set are ideal for both homes and offices.


◾  Wakefit Chenille Sheesham Wood 2-Door Wardrobe

An ardent lover of vintage things? Then this piece is ideal for you. Made with 100% Sheesham wood, the finest quality, this 2-door wardrobe complements your vintage-styled décor. At the time of delivery, Wakefit’s carpenters will ensure its installation.


◾  Wakefit Lynx Teak Wood Bed With Storage With Upholstery Smokey Gray

Redefine the character of your bedroom with this stylish and ergonomically designed bed that comes with storage space. With smokey gray upholstery and sturdy MDF support material, this bed is a must for cozy and classy bedroom vibes.


◾  Wakefit Cinnamon (4 seaters)-Sesame (With Cushion-Omega Pearl)-Natural Teak Wood Dining Set

Dine in style at this ultra-chic dining set. Available in both 4 and 6-seaters, one can customize it accordingly with their own choice of upholstery that comes with omega pearl and smoke gray colored cushion as well as without cushion. The dining set can be availed in two colors: Walnut and Natural.


◾  Wakefit Sophia Wall Mount Study Table

Tired of the blurring line between home and office vibes while working from home? Well, this wall-mount table is your solution. Ergonomically designed, this table has 5 compartments inside and 1 shelf and is lightweight, making it ideal for your living space and personal life. Once the work is over, shut the table into the wall and enjoy the peace of your abode.


◾  Wakefit Lucifer Solid Wood TV Unit

If you are a fan of the 1960s era, you would most certainly like this vintage-styled TV unit. Made with Acacia wood, it has 2 cabinets and comes with a 1-year warranty. Place it in your living room and teleport to the vibes of the 60s.


◾  Wakefit Elsa Sheesham Wood Crib Natural Sheesham Light

The early years of a child are special but exhausting too for new parents. This ergonomically designed crib with 2 storage units at the bottom is perfect for parents to store the essentials for the baby in close proximity. The crib comes in a Natural Sheesham light color. It’s a DIY installation and comes with a 1-year warranty.

We can go on and on about the furniture offered by Wakefit, but unfortunately, we neither have the space nor we think that by now you would not have been intrigued to visit the Wakefit page and check out their products.

Visit the website and find the furniture that transforms your home into your cocoon.



2. Mattresses

Wakefit has ensured that their mattresses can serve their customers a wholesome sleeping solution where people can finally get a peaceful sleep along with the much-required spinal alignment. The company has strategically designed its mattresses with advanced foaming layers to fulfill its mission. 


By manufacturing mattresses that aim at sleep and posture correction, Wakefit today stands apart from its competitors. Their usage of advanced technology in mattress science has helped people sleep and live better; the company understands that it's time to move beyond the traditional bedding with just king size and queen size as options. Wakefit also allows its customers to customize their mattresses while ensuring that every mattress is ecologically friendly and hypoallergenic resistant.


Furthermore, as a reputed brand that believes in building long-lasting customer relations, it ensures smooth and efficient customer service. Therefore, the Wakefit mattresses are a complete package of comfort and efficiency as it offers-

  • ◾  Risk-free 100 days return
  • ◾  Replacement option during the warranty period
  • ◾  Customization of the mattress
  • ◾  Free shipping
  • ◾  No-Cost EMI
  • ◾  Doorstep Delivery

Well, are you now wondering when you last slept like a baby? Don’t waste time tickling your brain’s memory foam. Just visit the Official Website and find your kind of mattress.

Moving ahead, now that we have given you a little taste of their fancy yet ergonomic-styled furniture, let’s give you a small glance at the items that can help you get the right interior décor in your spaces.


Of Interiors in Wakefit

◾  Wakefit Modern Octopus Aluminium Candle Holder

If quirky is your style, this unique and edgy octopus candle holder is perfect for enhancing your unique décor style. Made with aluminum, this candle holder comes only in gold color and can be replaced in case of a defect. 


◾  Wakefit Blackout Solid Window Curtains - 5 feet, Agaya, Set of 2

These blackout solid window curtains are ideal for those who like waking up when they wish to and not with the first light. Made with triple weave technology, where three layers of fabric are interwoven with each other to block the passing of any light, these curtains are a solid way to get a sound sleep. It comes in 8 colors and is easily washable in machines.


 ◾  Wakefit Blue Pyramid Carpet

If the Aztec print or Boho spirit bug has bitten you, this is the perfect carpet for your décor. Hand-tufted with wool 60C, this carpet is perfect for feeling cozy and warm after a hectic day. Just sit on it and enjoy the cozy vibes in your abode.


◾  Wakefit Noether Hanging Pendant

The perfect piece to give your space the feels of the Great Gatsby. An elegant and exclusive hanging pendant made with steel and crystal comes in gold color. It weighs around 2 kg and can be easily installed by the customer. Hang this piece in the center of your living room or in the corner to woo your guests with glam.

Looking at the different styles and inspirations by which these furniture and decor items have been crafted, Wakefit represents the perfect harmony of vintage and modernism, subtle and grandeur. Be it a lover of vintage décor, someone with modern and minimalist taste, or someone who just loves everything over the top, at Wakefit, one would find something or everything on the Wakefit platform.



The Returns

Wakefit is up to the mark with this one as well. No matter where you are across the globe, products can be returned with relative ease and it even allows the users to return them after 100 days of use, something that becomes quite the catch for users. 

Even after 100 days of usage, if you don’t like the product, then you can easily return the item without any questions being asked and also get a 100% refund.

For return or replacement requests, you only have to follow the steps below-

     1. Raise return or replacement requests through the “My order” page

     2. Pack the item along with the invoice

     3. The Wakefit representative will schedule a return pickup

     4. A new product or refund will be credited within 1-2 business days

An easy refund policy, a wide range of products, and (the best part) all at an affordable price- Isn’t Wakefit a sweet deal? Check out Official Website today and complete the aesthetics of your spaces.

After you have gone through the Wakefit review and have understood the kind of services that are in store for them, it can be the perfect style statement. 


Spend More, Save More- Exclusive Offers

Seasonal promotions are a standout feature at Wakefit. With regular offers running website-wide, the world of Wakefit is one that is affordable, starting today the brand is running some special offers for you with a promo code of ‘HAPPYHOME’, It will allow you a discount of Upto 76.08% OFF on MRP. It starts today, have a look at these Offers, so you can take advantage with no mist of doubt-

  • Bank of Baroda EMI Transactions- Extra 6% discount up to Rs 1500 on cart value (minimum transaction value of Rs 10,000)

  • Bank of Baroda Credit card Transactions- Extra 6% discount up to Rs 1000 on cart value (minimum transaction value of Rs 10,000)

  • ONECARD Credit card Transactions- Extra 6% discount up to Rs 1000 on cart value (minimum transaction value of Rs 10,000)

  • ONECARD EMI Transactions- Extra 6% discount up to Rs 1500 on cart value (minimum transaction value of Rs 10,000)

  • ICICI EMI Transactions- Extra 10% discount up to Rs 2000 on cart value (minimum transaction value of Rs 10,000)

  • YES BANK Credit card Transactions- Extra 6% discount up to Rs 1500 on cart value (minimum transaction value of Rs 5,000)

What are you waiting for? Get the best out of Wakefit’s seasonal offers and indulge in mattresses, furniture products, and more that resonate with the comfort that you wish to have in your home.


Wakefit- The End

This wakefit review has allowed users to better understand the offers that are in store for people along with the returns and customer policy that ensures that there is something for everyone. 

Comfort and class for everyone implies better sleep hours which can further help them function in a better manner. 


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